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What does it take to be a Teamster?

Teamsters are people just like you working at many different jobs. Teamsters are people who are about other people with a belief that if one Teamster is done harm, harm can be done to all. Teamsters are people who are willing to stand tall for their rights as spelled out under the law and their Contracts. Teamsters believe in their families. Teamsters believe it’s their duty to do everything legally possible to hold on to what their forefathers fought to obtain in job security, wages, and benefits, not only for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren.

If you share these sentiments, and have the courage to stand up for what is right, keep reading for information on how you can become a Teamster!


What does it take to organize a Union?

It will take a strong majority of you and your fellow employees who will stick together against Company anti-Union propaganda and enter into a campaign to organize.


How can I do this?

Start with a call to us at 1-800-346-7634. We will lead you through the process step-by-step. We will inform you of your rights under the law, when and where you can legally engage in Union activities, and how to recognize when the Company is violating your rights and what you can do about it.

Are you still interested? If so, read on.

Are you without a Union and fear you might be fired for trying to organize? Consider this: Texas is an “At Will State” or “Right to Work State”, which means an Employer can fire an employee without a reason. With a Union Contract, the Company must have “Just Cause” or a justifiable reason to fire or discipline an employee, enforceable through a grievance procedure. Continue reading to learn more concerning your rights to organize.

To protect you from illegal tactics many Employers use to keep workers from becoming organized, the National Labor Relations Act gives you these rights:

  • The right to join or help organize a Union without being harassed or punished by your Employer.
  • The right to have meetings at lunch or break time in non-work areas on company property without being harassed or punished by your employer.
  • The right to talk about the Union, distribute Union materials, or ask your co-workers to join the Union on non-work time in non-work areas.
  • The right to go to Union Meetings and wear Union buttons without interference from your boss or supervisors.
  • The right to hold demonstrations and rallies about the Union or about work problems.


When you support the Union or engage in any of these activities, Federal Law protects you from harassment by your Employer. This means your employer may not:

  • Fire, discipline, lay you off, cut your hours, or even threaten the same for supporting the Union.
  • Spy, or pretend to spy, on your Union activities.
  • Threaten or question you about the Union.
  • Grant or promise special favors to employees who’ll vote against the Union.
  • Deny you the right to vote for the Union.
  • Pressure you not to join a Union.


Organizing is your right. Secure your future with a Union contract!

What if there were no Unions?

What if there was no one to stand up for your legal rights?

What if those before us had laid down due to fear of losing or fear of the boss?

Would we still have holidays, vacations, health insurance, wage increases, minimum wage, Social Security, Unemployment compensation, Pensions, or laws that protect the rights of workers to organize?


It’s very hard to be singled out if everyone joins together. If everyone does just a small part, not only will these rights be preserved, they will be protected!

Though you have the legal right to organize without Employer harassment, you shouldn’t expect them to sit still and say nothing. They don’t want you to have the legal right to challenge the dictatorial authority they now enjoy and will go to any length to keep the Union out.

What you should expect:

EMPTY PROMISES – “Give us another chance. We have been planning to change. Our door is always open . . . We are implementing a Quality Improvement program. We would have changed before, but you didn’t let us know it was a problem. We’ll take care of your problems if you’ll just let us know.”

SCARE TACTICS – “The Teamsters are corrupt. The Union is only interested in your dues money. The Teamsters will force you to go on strike. The Teamsters can raise your dues or fine you whenever they want to and for any reason.”

THREATS – “You will lose the wages and benefits you already have. We start negotiations from scratch. We will go bankrupt like all Union companies do. The Union will get in the way of our lines of communication. If the Union comes in, we will close our doors.”

What to do: Contact Carlos Mendez at (214) 398-0661 Ext. 121 or the labor organization of your choice.

Organize Today!

If you work for an employer whose workers are not part of a union and you want to help to build a union in your workplace, fill out this questionnaire, and push the submit button. We'll immediately put you in touch with a union organizer who can talk to you about unions and what it takes to organize.

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