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Teamsters Vote, Workers Win: TAKE THE SURVEY TODAY!

Published: Aug 05, 2019

Go to Teamsters2020.com to let the union know your top issues in the 2020 election. Your opinion matters!

Please fill out a Teamsters 2020 Election Survey at Teamsters2020.com by Labor Day.

Because when Teamsters vote, workers win. 


Airline Catering Workers Invite Dallas Allies to Join Them in Demanding That One Job Should be Enough!

Published: Jul 31, 2019

Notice to National Automobile Transporters Industry Negotiating Committee

Published: Jul 12, 2019

This is to advise Local Unions with members employed by Jack Cooper Transport (and its affiliated companies) that TNATINC was notified in late June that Jack Cooper Transport officials to meet and address certain serious financial challenges the company is facing. 

Based on confirmation by a separate review of financial records, TNATINC Co-Chairmen convened the National Union Committee yesterday with the company to listen to a presentation by the company. TNATINC has a team of financial experts and legal counsel familiar with both the carhaul and the automotive industry that were included at the meeting. 

We will keep members updated as we attempt to explore a solution to the information we were presented yesterday. In the meantime, members should continue working as usual.

Download the full memorandum here.

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